Friday, July 1, 2016

Celebrating with Your Dream Buddy

Here’s to the festive occasion of having a an ice cream soda in the summertime ~ Jill Badonsky

I’d love to add “with your dream buddy” to the end of this quote. I find myself working with my dream buddy, sharing what I am working on, asking for their advice, listening to what they are working on. In the past when my dream buddies lived in the same city, I rarely got together with them just to celebrate. Reading this quote and working on this blog post made me realize what an opportunity I have missed out on.

Celebrations are so important to our continued success on our dream journeys. Who better to share those feelings of accomplishment than with your dream buddy? There may be times when you meet a goal and they don’t, but I am sure that with change on the next big goal. Celebrate with each other and lift up your business buddy even when you don’t meet the goal.

Now, many of my dream buddies are all over the country. But even so, I could have phone conversation where we all we talk about is our successes. That would even work through text and chatting apps. Snapchat is my new favorite social media app, just think of the fun celebrating we could have Snapchatting each other!

How do you celebrate with your Dream Buddy?


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