Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Find people to hang out with that make you laugh incredibly hard ~ Jill Badonsky

Boundaries. Boundaries are so easy to talk about and state that you’ll abide by them, but sometimes, so hard to maintain.

I found out some bad news that my separated spouse passed away about a week ago. I realized as soon as I heard and processed the news that I needed to drop all routines and attend to myself for the week. I went out to dinner with some people from church to help process the loss on one night. I went to my sister-in-law’s for dinner another night and had a church meeting.   My one free night I took a one hour nap after work, and did some reading and watching tv but not much else.

The cool thing about all this is that there’s not a lot going on right now. I was able to step away from my routine and give myself time to process the loss. I didn’t accomplish my daily writing goal, not because of the death, but because my schedule required me to go into work very early. I’ve tried to write in the afternoons/evening after work, but it never works.

How do you deal with major roadblocks that need attention in your life? I’d love to hear how you handle such heavy obstacles in your dream journey.


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