Sunday, August 7, 2016

When Routines Surpass Your Expectations

Here’s to when a recipe surpasses your expectations ~ Jill Badonsky

Back in June, I was one month into my new separation and new found freedom. I had been doing a lot of “busy work,” but was very unorganized and a little ADD at times. I employed a technique that I use at work to make sure I was getting everything done that needed. I created a to-do list.

This to-do list included everything from cleaning the cat box every day, cleaning up the kitchen every night, and watering the outdoor plants. I also transferred my weekly appointments on the list, including my work schedule which varied at the time and haircuts. My hair stylist laughed at me one day when she saw that I had to put “clean up kitchen” on my list every day. (I had sent her a picture of the list that showed my appointment was on the list that week). By having weekly chores and appointments in front of me, I was able to determine exactly how much I could get done every day.

After three or four weeks, I was able to take those tasks off the list because I developed a routine and accomplished those tasks every day (on a side note, sometimes I skip cleaning up the kitchen and watering the plants, but I always take care of my cats!). I had to put some tasks back on my list as reminders of their importance to me, like oil pulling every day.  Sure, that’s a multi-task project (I can do just about anything else for 20 minutes while I swish coconut oil around in my mouth), but with it on the list, it’s a daily reminder to get it done.

I learned a long time ago to put routine tasks on your to do list until they truly become routine, like clockwork. So I encourage you to do the same. I put Promo on my daily list of non-negotiable to remind me to post promo on any of the social media sites. It’s something that if I don’t remind myself every day, it might not get done.

How do you make sure you get mundane, yet important tasks done as routinely as you need?


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