Tuesday, August 30, 2016


What lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be ~ Ellen Burstyn

Sixteen years ago, I joined a corporate training department. Not long after I started another new trainer started. My co-worker and I trained together for a time but then we were left to our own devices. I ran my classes and she ran hers, sometimes in different locations. Although we usually had office days on Mondays, we both had so much prep and project work today,we still rarely saw each other.

Such is the nature of a dream journey. Although you may join a group for training or orientation, once you find your vision and set your goals, many times you are left alone to work your routines that eventually help you realize your dream.

When I started writing, I had an optimal situation. My husband at the time was not a morning person and kept to himself. This allowed me to get up, exercise, then get my writing goal done for the day.When I was done with that, he was ready to socialize and we went on with our day together. I came to enjoy the first few hours to myself and now they aren’t so isolating. My morning time is sacred and energizing.

Do you feel alone or isolated when working on your dream goals?


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