Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Here’s to freedom in all of its forms ~ Jill Badonsky


For me, attainment of my current dreams and means freedom. In addition to financial security, I hope to attain control of my own time. I hope to work less and make more money.

I have always dreamed of the work from home job where if I decided to take the day off, I could. Last year after the Royals won the World Series and the city threw them a parade and a party, I wondered, “What jobs do those people have that allows them to just drop what their doing in two days to attend the parade?” Even my bosses are small business owners and they weren’t able to leave work that day.

It’s this vision of work that attracted me to direct sales. That dream has come full circle as I develop my coconut oil skin care line.  What I didn’t understand then that I know now is that it takes many years of hard work to attain that level of achievement and freedom. I wasn’t prepared to do the work fifteen years ago. I’m ready to do that now.

What does freedom mean to you and your dream journey?


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