Thursday, September 8, 2016

Life to be Lived

In between goals is a thing called life that has be lived and enjoyed ~ Sid Caesar

Many times, the vision of reaching a dream journey includes living a dream lifestyle. For some people that is living in an exotic location. For others it might be the same place they grew up and have always, just a little easier with extra money from reaching sales or other career goals.

But I think it’s also important to give yourself rewards as you make the small goals. For example, as much as I want to save my royalty checks for something significant, I always find smaller rewards that seem to do the trick. Last summer, I bought a new recycle bin and a new trash bin with my royalties (don’t laugh, I am old, home furnishings make me giddy now).

And don’t forget, like the quote says, there is life to be lived between goals. I’ve blogged about that the last couple of weeks. Sometimes life gets in the way. Thankfully for me, I’ve taken care of everything and moving forward.

Tell me about a reward you gave yourself when you achieved a small goal.


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