Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cultivating Patience

Here’s to cultivating patience - Jill Badonsky

Thank you, Jill for that reminder! I have been struggling with my daily routine schedule for a few weeks.After weeks of not writing or editing, I finally have that routine worked back into my daily non-negotiable list. I took a closer look at things this weekend and carved my daily goals down into more manageable chunks.

There are just not enough hours to get everything done I want to. I have to have patience that I will get my goals accomplished and faith that what I am doing is enough to move forward every day. I still need to rest, relax, and refresh so I can continue moving forward.

I had to make some tough choices and had to continually revise, but so far, the week is going well. I’m still not getting as much done as I wish, but the way I have things organized, I feel like I’m getting my non-negotiables done as well as some direction with the other projects I want to complete.

How do you get focused when your daily routines get turned upside down?


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