Friday, June 10, 2016

The More We Share, the More We Have

The miracle is this, the more we share, the more we have ~ Leonard Nimoy

If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, the more I share, the more I seem to have.  I love Christmas and birthdays, not because I’m the one who gets all the gifts, but the because I enjoy seeing the people close to me open their presents.  The more I share, the more I get in return.

That’s part of the reason I started blogging on my step process.  I want everyone to know that if I can go through this journey to be a published authorl, then you can do anything that you set out to do.  Just create your vision, set milestone goals that support your vision, come up routines and boundaries so that you work on your dream goal at least once a day, and finally, it’s always nice to have friends and buddies doing the same thing to help you along the way.


Can't get enough of the 5 Steps? Look at the archives in my original blog:

Find a Friend
What have you shared lately with your dream journey buddy?  I’ve love to know!

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