Sunday, June 12, 2016

Here's To The Little Things

Here's to the little things that bring great joy, like butterflies, comfortable shoes, and lying on a blanket in the sand ~ Jill Badonsky

Here's to the little things that bring us joy. I hope you are moving forward on your goal journey and it is something that brings you joy.

It has been one month since my husband of eight and a half years decided to move out. In that time I have created my own new routines around the house since I am the only one to get chores done (unfortunately, the cats don't do housework). I also launched this blog and re-tooled my romance blog.

Now that I have all that figured out, I am back to working on my own novel. I am currently working on a merman romance. Working on this manuscript has been on my daily to-do list for weeks, but this week I resolve to get back to it ever day, 1000 words.

So here's to the little things in life...I hope you're enjoying some of those little things in your goal/dream journey!

What is your resolve to accomplish this week?


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