Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Television Routines

One of the secrets of finding time is not to watch television ~ Bob Keeshan

I found a quote this week that hits two of the three steps, so I’m using it again today.

Television had become a horrible routine for me over the last six to eight months. In the past, I always gravitated toward TV watching in the colder winter months, but, seriously, the last six months has been bad for me. I haven’t even been multitasking!

I’ve mentioned before that my life was turned upside-down about seven weeks ago and that’s been a big eye opener for me. I stopped watching TV and filled that time with many other other activities. I have returned to my writing and also projects like this daily blog. All because I cut out TV as an excessive routine.

I did have to add one hour of relaxation tv back into my schedule and it’s on my daily non-negotiable list. I have to concentrate on the boundary to sit and watch the program I select rather than research other projects on my iPad or work on anything else. But it’s been a good goal to return to my daily relaxation list.

Is television a good routine or a bad routine for you and your dream journey?


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