Monday, June 6, 2016

Don't Give Up What You Really Want To Do

Don’t give up trying what you really want to do.  Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong. – Ella Fitzgerald.

What an inspiring quote from a legend!  No matter what journey you’re on and no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, I fully believe these words.

Even in my own “real world” career as a manager in a call center, my journey to get a promotion to the next level has not met with it’s challenges.  I returned to a call center environment in 2007 after a 13 year absence.  I was working at a door to door sales job and 2006-2007 was one of the worst winters I ever experienced in Denver.  As the temperatures cooled in 2007 and the snow outlook didn’t look at better than 2006, I left that job and went looking for “indoor work.”  I returned to a BPO call center and after working ten years at the bank.  I easily found myself excelling at my supervisor duties and loving the environment once again.  Then we moved to Northwest Arkansas.  It took me three months to find another call center job.  After a year and a half we moved to the Kansas City area and I had to transfer from customer care to a retail job to make the transfer.  After realizing that I wasn’t cut out to work retail hours at 39 years of age, I found another job at another BPO organization.

Just with anything else I’ve pursued, my opportunity to shine and show my real skills didn’t just fall into my lap.  I had to be patient and “pay” my dues at the new company.  Six months and one Holiday Season later, my opportunity arrived and I grabbed it for my taking.  I’d nearly reached my goal of being a second level manager, managing other supervisors.  And I enjoyed every minute of it! That job led to my current job in the office of a smal medical practice.

And I’m on the same journey with my writing.  It’s been a long journey so far and I still have far to go.  My goal is to move forward 1000 tiny steps a day (that's writing or editing 1000 words on the novel), that takes me just thirty minutes.  You can apply the same principles to the goal or goals you’re trying to accomplish.  Good Luck!

Share with me the “tiny step” can you start today to fulfill the goal you’re going after, I’d love to hear your stories, too!


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